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The cost of importing a car depends on the make, selling price, weight, CO2 emissions and the distance from the seller to the destination in Switzerland.

If you buy a car abroad, the selling price usually includes VAT. The nice thing about importing a car is that you can reclaim the VAT after you have imported it into Switzerland. For this reason, it is also important that your car offer is marked “VAT IDENTICABLE”.

The procedure for the VAT REFUND is as follows in the overview:

    1. You pay for the car including the foreign VAT
    2. Your car is declared for export to foreign customs
    3. The car import is handled by the Swiss customs
    4. The Swiss customs issues an import confirmation
    5. The dealer will be sent the confirmation
    6. The seller transfers the already paid value added tax back to your account

When you import a car into Switzerland, there are still some taxes that have to be paid at customs. In order for customs to even know what amount of tax is due, you need a Swiss import declaration.

We can prepare this for you.

The FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS are required for the preparation:

    1. Purchase contract (value added tax should be shown separately)
    2. EC Declaration of Conformity (COC)
    3. Certificate of origin / EUR.1
    4. Copy of foreign vehicle registration

The CUSTOMS COSTS for importing a car are calculated as follows:

    1. Purchase amount minus foreign taxes
    2. Currency exchange rate at customs exchange rate
    3. 4 % Car tax
      Weight duty (CHF 15.- per 100 kg)
    4. The total is now subject to 7.7 % value added tax.

If we are allowed to take over the car import for you, the processing usually takes between 3 and 4 weeks. Often it goes faster. However, we don’t want to promise you anything wrong and for this reason we specify a higher time span.

With a car import there are many triggers for a time delay. This starts with the car dealer who cannot hand over all papers immediately, continues with the dense traffic, the capacity at the customs, the speed until a MFK appointment, the insurance certificate that was issued incorrectly or simply several holidays.

As you can see, an exact date announcement is not possible with car import. However, we are anxious to keep you always up to date.

Unfortunately no, not every vehicle and yes the term vehicle is large, can be registered in Switzerland. Basically, you don’t have to worry about normal passenger cars that meet all Swiss standards.

For special vehicles, we recommend that you first contact the Road Traffic Office and clarify the eligibility for registration before buying.

A CO2 tax only has to be paid on cars that have not been registered abroad for more than 6 months.

However, the amount of the tax depends on the make of the vehicle, weight and CO2 emissions.

We offer an MFK express service for you.

How do I re-register my car after moving to Switzerland?

We are happy to advise you!

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